Healing Broken Hearts is What I Do …

I am a Master Spiritual Intuitive who has led over 3,500 hearts from “sad to glad”

in 70+ nations.  My clients OFTEN see results in their first visit !!!

I have taught AK, or Muscle Testing, to over 2,000 clients worldwide, so they can use this most powerful tool to understand what their own bodies are telling them.

“My task is NOT to heal!  (Only our Creator can do that)  All human maladies are ‘gifts in funny wrapping paper’ which the body has had to resort to in order to get their human person’s attention.  It is my function to connect to the inner spirit with the cells and tissues of the body of the person requesting help. I invite the body and soul to speak and share their needs as well as their woes. They let me know what needs to be healed and restored.”

Sharon Doerr is in every way a unique teacher and coach; a spiritual master and physical intuitive of the highest order. Her journey of healing knowledge and fundamental life experience started over 40 years ago at Samaritan Counseling in Scottsdale, Arizona. Thanks to her innate spiritual intuition she has become a recognized counselor in all areas of life: relationships, marriage, addiction, abuse,      PSTD, ADHD and so much more. Besides her God-given gift of not only ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ from Spirit and the body itself, she has the curative ability to repair those wounded and damaged areas of the people’s hearts and lives through the endless love and help of the Creator for restitution & restoration.

Her approach comes from many sources and masters:  most importantly from Spirit, but using tools such as muscle testing, the body code, visualizations and so much more. Her sessions go far beyond what her clients usually expect. Sharon’s most effective and powerful tool is a unique technique she simply calls ‘The Book of Life.’ In this process she guides you to all your issues along your life path, many of which you do not even consciously remember, and heals the outstanding events and incidents, restoring your peace and your ability to love and accept yourself.

Sharon’s mission statement truly is that of Jesus in the book by Glenda Green: 

“The head has no ability to heal. That privilege is reserved for the heart alone. When
you heal the Sacred heart, your life is restored and you are made whole again.”
And, as M. Proust says, ” The real act of discovery is not in seeing new lands, but in
seeing with new eyes.”

“The work you do to reset the
connection between the heart and
the brain is priceless…
Working with you has shown me
what’s possible and I am very grateful
for the experience.”    

-M Boyd


Sharon’s qualification letter – which she  shares below – comes directly from her Creator, with whom she has communed with in this manner for almost 50 years.

Child , put away your fears and doubting. They do NOT serve you.  Continue to go where YOUR giftings take you – TO THE HEART.
When you set a heart free, You are doing far more than you know — the HEART holds the key to all –yes– ALL human ills and ailments. So few choose that path to study and to focus on. We are leading you to ‘see’ outside symptoms also, and to become skilled in
the use of more healing tools and modalities than you can remember at times, no?

“You have that right ! My ‘master tool box’ now has over 90 teachers in it, and You don’t seem to stop !!!”

But, Child, the location of all cures ARE located IN THE HEART. They are ONLY found as one embraces the problem rather than cursing it; trying to escape from it; or masking it with pain- killing substances or activities.
The PEARL – and there is ALWAYS a pearl – can ONLY be discovered by delving into the very midst of the problem, of the pain, of the dis-ease.
This dear one, is the enablement We chose to bless you with that day you made that rather irreverent prayer over 40 years ago…“God, if You’re gonna put this kid in my life, You better enable me, and You better do a darn good job of it!”
Dear one, Looking back, did not Our ‘GIFT’ of those 3 most damaged adopted boys lead you to the skills you are now so proficient in, Healing foundational heart issues?

“Yes, my Father, we humans are so blind and so locked into our beliefs of ‘how it should be’ that we see pain and torment when you see pearls beyond all price. Thank You.”

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