I Believe Again… 

     ~It’s worth the trip to this planet

                                                          just to meet Sharon~

I cannot thank you enough for restoring my faith that God not only exists but He really cares about me and rescued me.
I know I am lovable and loved by Him!
You are like the “Fairy Grandmother” none of us had.

-O.N. in California

Just wanted to say “Thank you” to Sharon
for leading and guiding me to a better me…. 

-Anne in Canada

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My Very First Session was Life-Altering !!!

I just had my first session with Sharon ❤❤❤

I was at an all time low, didn’t feel I deserved anything but bad, felt as though if I didn’t have a heart – it was black and hard and if not dead then definitely on its last breath.  In one session with Sharon, we took a walk with Jesus.  “WOW!”

I now feel my heart is alive!  I’m excited and positive that I can and WILL be a new better me, the “ME” that GOD intended me to be with the help of Sharon!

I learned to muscle test myself and am looking forward to my next session!!!!

If you’re serious about getting to the bottom of all your “issues”


THANK YOU Sharon  for a truly life altering experience in just 30 minutes!

                Thank God for bringing me to you. ❤❤❤            -Jennifer S.

With the help of Arch-Angel Michael, an Islamic female is set free from powerful demonic forces controlling her family for nine generations…

I’m so thankful for what u did for me today. U made me cry.

Thank you from my heart.
U are amazing!    -M. in Dubai

      From Suicidal

to the Dean’s List

My son was flunking college and was in a suicidal state when I found Sharon’s website.
I’m in Alaska, she’s in Washington and my son was in Florida.

Working totally by proxy across the country, Sharon turned his mental and emotional state around and he made the Dean’s List this semester!!!

                                   -Carol J. in Alaska

Every cell of sharon’s being is flawlessly and naturally built to be a healer.

 May your soul feel as amazing as you made me feel, every second of your life!     -Anet


For 7 years and I spent my entire inheritance

on supplements & programs as I ran from

from one healer to the next – until i met sharon

Sharon helped me realize the answer was always inside of me, NOT outside. Learning that my addiction was MY NEED to have a problem, rather than the condition of insomnia, was a tough pill to swallow.  I didn’t agree at first; but nothing else had ever worked, so I kept coming back to her.

When I finally learned to accept and value myself, just as I am, my life, my sleep patterns and my relationships improved. She is so correct when she teaches us that the answer is INSIDE rather than out ‘there’ somewhere!
Thank you Sharon for sticking with me until I was able to hear that truth.

The answer is always INSIDE           -B.H. in Australia


DIS-Ease is merely a gift in funny wrapping paper

Sharon has the authority to command spiritual beings (demonic entities) of the highest order but she only uses her power to ENFORCE obedience to love, light & freedom!


 Sharon is an intuitive Energy Healer of the Highest Consciousness

Her work with me has empowered me and released disabling energy that had almost destroyed my life.
While I have been a practitioner on the Spiritual Path throughout my life, no one I’ve met has walked right into my Consciousness and performed the Creative Miracles she has done.
Welcome to the world of Sharon where Spiritual Truth rules!

-I.D. in Texas

Sharon has shown me how to dig deeper and heal things that would have taken me years to figure out on my own, and I consider myself a pretty good detective!
I think many times, we need that outside perspective to see things that we have closed off from ourselves.
Her light is very bright and brings up a lot of hidden things!

Sharon works miracles with pets and animals too!

When Sharon starts yawning, you know energy is moving!

      I Can Walk!!!

For years I’ve had to use a walker because of severe scoliosis of the spine.
After just a few sessions I am able to walk very well with just a cane! This wasn’t even the goal – just a wonderful “side effect” of getting to the heart issues that were causing havoc in my physical body.
During a powerful session, I felt energy moving in my back and I was immediately able to stand up perfectly straight and even balance on one foot!
I went to my dr. and he told me to STOP – I will fall over & break my bones!  He took x-rays and he could not believe what he saw – my spine is perfectly normal.
I can stand without pain and walk normally again.
It is truly a miracle!!!

-Ida in Texas

I have had the privilege to work with many talented energy healers, but she is one of the best!

Sharon goes WHEREVER Spirit leads!  It will never cease to amaze me how those 3 dishes sitting next to my sink would have led you to finding such a deep wound.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!   I love you Sharon!
You have been such a gift and a blessing to me. You are so very dedicated to truly
making a difference in people’s lives.

-Melissa in Arizona



My Native-American heritage
has been


by black magic

I know you got more than you bargained for when you started working with me!

This has been an on-going “project” for over 3+ years!!!

I never imagined it would become so involved and detailed…I could write a book about all that you’ve done… I have pages and pages of notes from our sessions!

I had no idea my Native-American heritage had become hi-jacked by black magic and the “dark side of the force” but that is exactly what has happened!  The intent of my ancient ancestors was pure and based in the motive of healing and helping my  people (I believe given to us by our STAR ANCESTORS)… but I now know in “modern” times these ancient arts have become tools of oppression used AGAINST my people by those who are supposed to be helping us, just for control and financial gain.

This has caused countless issues with the physical health, emotional stability and financial crisis for myself and my immediate family on the reservation, often at the hands of those “closest” to us!

You have honored my traditions while using “new” methods (to me) to bring freedom and healing in so many areas…physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many strongholds have been torn down, though not without HUGE battles.  But Love & Light ALWAYS wins!


-Name withheld for their own protection

You were NEVER afraid to face the
extremely powerful demonic forces that were in control “behind the scenes.”

(Thank you ArchAngel Michael for coming to our assistance so many times! Yes, Sharon can command even the most powerful angels!)  We discovered this had its roots from centuries ago and has always been a part of my family lineage!

Strongholds of generations have been torn down, but I have been willing to pay the price for my family’s freedom from demonic control.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I do not have words to express my gratitude for all you and our Creator has done for me and those I love!
p.s. I also HAVE to mention how you’ve helped set my family free from the ravishes of alcoholism and diabetes!

Sharon has a true gift to share with the world and I highly recommend her.


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