There are no words to describe exactly what I do… every session is unique.
I go where Spirit leads, which is often exactly opposite of where I our mind would take us.
It’s best to have absolutely no expectations before a session and just let Spirit lead.
I have a “master toolbox” from over 100 masters that I draw on during our sessions.

“The HEART is my specialty… once that is healed, everything else will follow!”


muscle test –

yes you can!

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I offer a 6-video course to teach you how to muscle test 50% OFF regular price for JUST $85 – includes  (1) 1 hr. session FREE so YOU can experience the “life changes” that Sharon has to offer!



“Book of life” revieW

* My specialty *

NO ONE else does this!
We go through your entire life span and find the areas that are still affecting you today.
Most of us have baggage from a very young age and we don’t even realize it!
The first years of our life “set the course” that will be played out.  We go back in time and heal the wounds of our “inner child.”  Only our Father can work such miracles!  It IS life-changing!


special clearings

Frequency IS everything.
I get automatic heavenly “downloads” of the most appropriate frequency (number) for just about ANY situation!

  I also invoke our Divine authority to rebuke demonic entities and break curses.  You do NOT have to be afraid of entities, negative forces, life-draining energies, generational curses, black magic, demonic forces of any power!  WE have the authority of Jeshua, the Christ, with ArchAngel Michael to bind these and set you free! 






empower yourself

to be free

I have over 100 teachers, masters, colleagues (I wish I could acknowledge each one by name) that I draw on during our sessions.  I rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me to the most appropriate methodology needed at the moment for the quickest, most effective results.

Spirit NEVER disappoints, no matter how “far out” it may seem to our “human” understanding.  I see in PICTURES , from lawn mowers to dirty dishes, which lead to amazing results!


Here are some of my offerings for you…

Free evaluation


  • 30 minute initial consultation.
  • Identify your top 3 issues
  • Use muscle testing so YOU can see the results
  • NO Cost – NO Obligation
  • Not every healer is right for every person.  If we are not the right fit, you still have my prayers for your healing with someone else.

Single session


  • In-depth 60 minute session.
  • Target your specific issues.
  • With your help, we dig out the “pearl” that is in funny wrapping paper.
  • Discount for multiple sessions.
  • Many of energy workers charge hundreds of dollars per session, but I want EVERYONE to be the best version of themselves!
  • $129 per session



  • (4) Unique sessions
  • SPIRIT walks us through your entire life, back to birth, the womb or even before!
  • Times & events that cause dis-ease in your life come to light.
  • We use the “Court of Restitution” to set you free.
  • $495 package

“power journey”

to healing


  • 6 MONTH Special Offer for those who truly want to be free of a lifetime of trauma.
  • Virtually unlimited sessions in  6 month time frame for one spectacular low price!
  • This is the best package if you want to make a true commitment to yourself and the Universe for life changing results.
  • $995 FLAT RATE

While I have set prices, I know our Creator doesn’t just want to heal “the rich.”  IF you truly cannot afford your healing, I work with you to get a “God-Price” so we can still work with each other.  Healing requires work on both our parts, it’s not just me doing all the work for you.  Spirit will often give “assignments” along the way and it is expected that you will do your homework to show the Universe your commitment in your healing journey.  Our hearts have collected a lifetime of hurts.  Often one session is just a band-aid even though we still have amazing results.  The “easy” issues are resolved right away; the “tough” issues take multiple sessions, but God (Creator, Source, Prime Energy, whatever terminology you relate to) NEVER disappoints with the results!


Here are a few of my recorded classes that you can purchase to download and watch as often as you like

CANCER Helps – Cancer does NOT mean a death sentence. 

BOUNDARIES – Important lessons all EMPATHS need to learn!

MASTER CLASS – Untangling Heart Blocks

What’s Your BLOCK? – Recorded live class

Tho too many to mention, here are a a few of my absolute “Cream of the Crop” colleagues

that I recommend without reservation!

Tom Paladino


Scalar Energy – Free Trial


Amy jo


Court of Atonement

rudy hunter


Gentle Healing Energetics

raymon grace


Dowsing “Extraordinaire”


All of us in the energy healing profession offer alternative approaches to ‘Total Wellness.’  We do not practice medicine in any way. We do not offer medical advice; diagnose any condition in any way; nor prescribe any treatments.
Individual results vary. We cannot
guarantee any particular outcome.



Western medicine prescribes a pill…
I believe every DIS-Ease has an emotional root cause.  My goal is to discover and pull out that root so it doesn’t cause any more discomfort in your life!
Once the emotional / spiritual / metaphysical cause is taken care of, the physical reality HAS to follow course… THAT is the Law of the Universe.



Any personal information given is held in the strictest of confidence and never shared. All testimonies are given freely by clients without any monetary compensation. No personal data is ever revealed without consent.